Monday, January 31, 2011

Let The Christmas Chaos End!!!

This past weekend I worked on organizing all my Christmas stuff as part of my efforts to declutter and organize my basement. Took quite a while, but it's looking so much better. I literally went through every single box, including every ornament, every decoration, every strand of lights, etc. and separated everything out so that like things were together instead of boxes all jumbled and intermingled. Now I am putting them all back neatly into organized and labeled boxes. This is the kind of project that every year you grumble and moan about and say "I really should get these better organized... Oh, I'll just do it next year..." Somehow that next year never comes, now does it?

I'm super excited to get this basement done. Will definitely be finished this week and I'll be posting before and after pictures no later than this weekend. Mind you, it's still an unfinished basement, so neither before nor after pictures will be gorgeous. But I'm going for organized here!!!

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