Sunday, January 16, 2011

What a Way To Start The Year! Before and After Pics of My Home Office Declutter

My home office used to be neatly organized, up until about three years ago. I don't know exactly what happened - it was a combation of events, but time just slipped away and before I knew it, my home office looked like a tornado had blown through and dumped several truckloads of paper and junk along the way. It has been weighing on me heavily (and weighing on my floor joists, I'm sure!), but it got so bad I just felt completely overwhelmed about where to even start.

Finally, I just took a deep breath and started in one corner, working my way around the room clockwise. I figured I would spend an hour a day on it for as long as it took until the room was back to where it should be. I was sure it would take about 30 hours, but I was surprised to discover it took about half the time I thought it would - only about 15 hours total. Now that's still a lot of time, but hey, that meant in two weeks I could conquer a project that had overwhelmed me for a few years. In fact, it only took me about a week because once I started and actually started seeing progress, I got really excited and would throw an extra hour or two in here and there.

I am so so thrilled to have completed this project. Wahoo!!! It's done!!! Here's the before and after shots to prove it! :)

I'm submitting this post for ThriftyDecorChick's February Before and After Party (my very first one!!!). :)

I'm also submitting it for Just A Girl's Feb. 3, 2011 Show and Share Day (also my first time!):


  1. Wow! You've inspired me. My office isn't quite as bad as yours, but its bad. I've been putting off doing anything about it because the whole idea was so off-putting. You've convinced me it's possible. Thank you.

  2. Good job! I figure my craft room will take at least 8 hours and I'm probably underestimating. After Christmas everything got thrown in there willy nilly! Your newly organized room looks great!

  3. It looks great!! I've been slowly chipping away at my office/craft room. I can't wait until it looks like this someday.

  4. After looking at your before, I'm ready to start mine because it's not 1/10th. what yours was. LOL I just wish I had someone to work with. I'm at home a lot by myself and my DH doesn't like doing office work so I'm on my own. I'm ready to hire a professional organizer just to come give me a little push.