Monday, February 7, 2011

Hurray! Before and After Pictures of My Decluttered Basement

I'm not 100% done down there, but I've made so much progress, I thought I would share the pictures. :)

My basement wasn't absolutely horrendous... I've seen worse basements. But it was definitely the typical "way too cluttered, dump anything that doesn't have an obvious home into the basement" kind of basement. I set myself a goal for February to declutter and organize it better and eventually (when we get money) go back down there and take some steps to improve the way it looks. Eventually we want to finish it, but for now, it's still all concrete and bare walls.

Here's the east half of the basement. Lots of boxes that had nowhere to go. I picked up a few extra storage shelves (plus scored some freebies from a neighbor who was throwing them out) and got everything all neatly organized and labeled. I love my labeler! :)

This is the east half when I turn around 180 degrees from the picture above. That back corner was really pretty empty to start with. I added some shelving units and organized stuff along that back wall. The east half is looking FABULOUS!!!

The west half of the basement isn't quite done yet, but here's before and after pictures of my progress anyway. Once I get more done down there, I'll come back and put up a few more pictures, especially once I start doing a little decorating to make it look a little more homey.

So, still more to go, but I'm just so happy to have gotten as far as I have, that I thought I would share. :)


  1. I am impressed. I can tell it took a lot of hard work. Well done

  2. I was searching for before and after pictures as I'm about to tackle the unfinished side of my basement myself, and these are great! Good job - I love how organized your shelving units are. At first glance I thought they were built ins or one whole unit!

  3. Great job! I'm about to start this process myself. Heard various thoughts about raising shelving units off the concrete floor & away from the cinder block wall about 10inches. Any thoughts?