December 20, 2010

Hopefully sage wisdom will follow...

Somebody out there said the internet is littered with abandoned blogs... They're likely right. And yet, here I go, embarking on a blog of my own. And I'm not even quite sure what the focus of this blog will be, as I suspect I will delve into many different areas.

I am a mostly organic herb and vegetable gardener. I love to cook (especially with herbs!) and want to be better about preserving the harvest I grow. In addition, my yard is a National Wildlife Federation and Windstar certified backyard habitat. I welcome the little birds and butterflies and critters (despite the impact on my gardens - I try to plant enough to share). I grow many natives, but also include non-invasive non natives in my yard. Pictures of my zone 5 small suburban garden and the creatures that visit it are likely to be a regular feature of this blog (like the gorgeous monarch above that stopped by my vernonia (ironweed) plant for a visit this past summer).

I am hoping to become a little more self sufficient. I'm not big on the whole peak oil fanaticism or overly concerned about the end of days scenarios that float around. My basic philosophy is to live life one day at a time and treat each day as though it were my last in general. However, that said, I volunteered with American Red Cross disaster services for 10 years and I have seen first hand the devastating impact of natural and manmade disasters on people's lives. In particular I have seen the difference between those who had some resources and preparations done and those who didn't, in terms of their success in rebuilding their lives.

I adore reading books and expect to include book reviews here related to all the different topics I am interested in (becoming self sufficient, gardening, cooking, canning and preserving, crafting, herbal medicine, home improvement DIY projects, field guides, self improvement, etc.).

Bottom line? You never know what I might write about, but I hope to be educational, informative, and entertaining. Fasten your seat belts! It's going to be a bumpy ride! :)

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